Offering service

  • Marketing research
  • Sociologic survey
  • Politic research
  • Human resource research
  • To process business project and planning
  • To accomplish marketing program and planning
  • Business training, consulting

TEAM CENTER training


Our company’s province “Training research center” consulting and training marketing research, monitoring, customer service monitoring, research method, to communicate public management, human resource to Mongol and International Mongol Researcher.

Business training, consulting service:

Create company’s brand, image

Accomplish Marketing, PR planning

Monitoring research of service institution

Create, develop, consulting service of customer service standard

Activate, organize, controlling of public measure

Introduce measure of agreement marketing, product


“Team center” training

TEAMCENTER – human development training

We welcome you new system that based on team system

Winning team – To success, study to become right person

Service team – Study to serving way of thinking

Sales team – Study to sales ability

Manage the team – Study to directive people