Business project

Project team 



1 “GSF” LLC Competitor research of Wool, woolen production 2011 We investigated in detail and compared company’s potential, sales revenue, production of Mongolian woolen products.
2 “Dragon Holding” LLC Research of mining supplier 2011 Performed research of supplier market and competitor of mining food, primary goods, supply
3 “Newtel” LLC Research of service’s monitoring 2011 5-9 month Service staff monitoring research. Used shopping missing and reconnaissance method
4 “Dragon Holding” LLC Consumer moral research of to be served in trade center 2011 Researched customs satisfaction, approach in trade center
5 “Dragon Holding” LLC Market and situation’s research of trade center 2011 The situation research to build big trade center in Ulaanbaatar city’s on the right
6 “Jarun” LLC Research of market, sale, competitor in Mongolian rice 2011 Functioned sales channel, import of Mongolian rice and comparison research of importer companies
7 “Jarun” LLC Consumer mole research of rice 2011 Organized consumer segment’s activation and marketing work and factor of buyer rice
8 “Bayn Arslan” LLC Market and supplier research of honey 2010 Comparative research of supplier, production’s market of honey
9 “Newtel” LLC Fulfillment of a service standard and reconnaissance of competitor organization research 2010 Functioned monitoring research of cell phone operator service’s main standard‘s fulfillment. This research must to organized high level class
10 Individual Comparative research of Mongolian present private hospital’s competition 2010 Made a research of private hospital’s circumstance, consumer moral, market until today. It’s including, macro, micro economic, international hospital’s tendency, comparative research
11 “Seruun servis” LLC “Seruun Servis” LLC business plan 2010 Functioned plan and project of Mongolian cooling- thermal equipment market’s research or investment
12 “Ertnii Narlag Mongol” LLC Apartment buyers moral research 2010 We conducted apartment buyer consumption, pending apartment, addition services from 800 people. And comparative research of new building or receive in order about 160 apartment
13 “EBSH” LLC Consumer moral research of milk, milky products 2009 We conducted consumer moral of milk, milky products. And take an application 600 and detached 60 from people. It’s including complex research of consumer satisfaction, new product’s test, taste etc.
14 “IDI” LLC Bayn-Olgii aimag “IDI” LLC investment business plan 2009 We wrote a business plan of to build complete travel complex in local area. In the result, our plan draws 6 billion investments from English, Kazakhstan
15 Software company Consumer moral research of financial software 2009 Took described research that financial software’s consumption, error, feature of companies in Mongolia until today. Our research included about 300 companies that functionate operation.
16 “Ertnii Narlag Mongol” LLC Investment business project which produce meat products 2009 Wrote an investment business plan of  canned meat product and packing meat
17 Attenede time in Savings bank Method of bank’s risk account  to process based on score 2007 Developed new method of commercial bank’s debt risk account in based on score
18 Academic conference To improve commercial bank’s public operation communication 2007 We researched commercial bank’s public operation communication of Mongolian in 6 month
19 Academic conference Apposite research to expand currency stock trade 2007 Processed method of currency stock trade of Mongolian bank system