About us

About company


Our MICG LLC experienced marketing research, investment and business consulting service, business training since 2006.

We accompanied with Singapore management consulting company and Japan’s service & marketing advisor teachers.

Our organization broadensome branches. For example, “TEAM CENTER” training research center, “Mongolian Internet marketing development association” non-government organization,  “Hustai hors travel” LLC touring place.

Main goal

We aiming for business organizations new generation which marketing investment consulting group of international standard.


Real research- New opportunity


Our history


Company founded and performed an operation. Market research, planning projects executed professional level.


Created “TEAM CENTER” individual growth, business structure training. It’s organizing individual growth, management, marketing, service marketing training.


Using “Mestery shopping” instructions made a standard checking research for operational worker


Started to draw foreign investment work, country or local area’s investment project


To expanded the foreign cooperation. Our project give us a change that take a 5 billion investment debt in 2010 from foreign funding.


Founded “Mongolian internet marketing development association” non-government organization.Started to performing advertisement, marketing, PR in public e-page.


Mongolian economic, business, social primary “Mongol researcher 2012” research assembly organized in middle of university students and researchers. As a result, It’s developed Mongolian marketer, researchers associated “Mongol researcher club”

Our principle


We continually6 years providing research, project processing, business training, consulting since 2006. On this time, we created united funds of Mongolian business, economics, society, politic sector’s information


We preferably working to cooperate confidential,  trust in long term. Our goal is to create regular cooperation in long term


Our qualified researchers graduated business guidance and economics class of foreign and domestic university. And our researcher’s education level master degree and above. Nation’s degree teachers, researchers working our company’s research, development, economic, plan advisor


New idea, rational product can do it celerity using people’s skill in short term. We have aresearch’s framework widely, skillful main team that research, accomplish and collect information,

Respectable price

We offering respectable price  to take into consideration research measure and circumstance. We provide 20% sale that helpful in society, public and humanitarian work.